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Frequently Asked Questions

Montgomery Community Association 




What types of rooms and rentals does MCA offer?


MCA is a great place for everything from a wedding reception to a board meeting or a even a birthday party or karate class!  The main hall space has an optional stage, tables and seating, bar and kitchen access and a modern, high tech sound system. We have a brand new, large commercial kitchen and bar area.  Our board room is the perfect space to hold meetings or smaller events and is equipped with a projector. MCA was recently renovated, is clean, large, has excellent parking and comes with many modern comforts.


So, host your next event with us, you won't be disappointed!



How do I book a rental at MCA?


Click here to look over our rental contract then contact us, best to email the office (as staff is in the building part time) to book an appointment to visit and fill out a contract and pay.

We accept Debit (in-person), Debit VISA, VISA or MasterCard over the phone and E-Transfers. A certified cheque is possible, but NO CASH

A damage deposit is required to hold your space (please refer to rental table for all damage deposit and rental fees) – no booking is confirmed until we have this.

Payment of full rental must be made 2 weeks prior to the rental date.


Do I need a liquor license for my event?

If you plan on having any liquor at your event then YES, you do need to have a liquor license.  All rentals that have alcohol must obtain an AGLC license and liability insurance, click the link here. The liquor license you can obtain online at the AGLC and must email a copy of this to our office 4 days prior to an event. The license must be in the rentals name who signed the contract and when bringing the original to the event, must attach the purchase receipts of alcohol.  The liability insurance can be obtained from PAL Canada – click the link here. This document also needs to be emailed 4 days prior to the event and the original brought with you. We also recommend that you have min 2 people at large events that are not drinking and can be your security to help people who need a cab or if they are unwell, as well as keep out people who are not part of your event.


 Does MCA require a damage deposit? 

Yes, we require a refundable damage deposit for all renting parties. Please refer to the rental prices chart - click here for current prices. A damage deposit is required to cover any unforeseen damage, mess, or missing items that can occur during a rental. Once MCA deems the space to be in the same rentable condition it was found, you will receive a 100% refund on your deposit. DAMAGE DEPOSIT will be returned by credit card within 10 days and by cheque 30 days.


How do renters access the building during their event?

We are now using a coded entry pad. Renters will be given a code to the building after payments are finalized. The codes are unique and will expire after your event. Each rental will have access based on the time they are starting and can feel safe in knowing that if they need to leave and come back, the code will remain intact until their end time.


Security Cameras


As of fall 2022, we have upgraded our inhouse cameras and exterior. This can give you peace of mind for security and if you lose something, we can check. The system is extremely confidential and only used for playback when requested.



Will there be anyone who works for MCA present at the time of my event?

Our staff work flexible hours during the week and weekends and are often in and out of the building during the day. If you have a question or need assistance, please email, or call your direct contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In case of emergencies call:


Non emergency line: 403-266-1234



How does cleaning work after an event? 

Our renters are to do the cleaning themselves to receive their damage deposit back. The cleaning fee is based off of hours rented and include the deep cleaning services (beyond that of your required checklist) which include full clean of washrooms, mopping, sanitizing high touch surfaces etc. 

Please refer to the rental prices chart to learn more.


We also offer a “Table and Chairs Walk Away” fee where renters are still required to complete their cleaning checklist, however, they can leave the tables and chairs to be put away by MCA for an additional cost.


MCA will provide you with a Cleaning Checklist that must be finished and signed by the end of your event.

Click here to check it out.



What is the capacity of each room?












How many tables are available?

5’ round: 15

  6’ rectangle: 18

 8’ rectangle: 16


How many chairs are available?

48 Grey chairs

200 Folded chairs

50 Brown banquet chairs

We do not provide chair covers



How many bathrooms are available?

Both of our washrooms have baby changing tables and are wheelchair accessible.


Is there a sound system? 

Yes, MCA has a great high-end sound system that plays CDs, radio and via Bluetooth which can be rented at an additional fee. Please refer to the "Optional Add On" chart below.











Is there an option for lighting and a stage?


Yes, please inquire about the additional fees or refer to the "Optional Add On" chart.


What is available in the kitchen? 

There is a full kitchen available, including a large industrial gas stove and various small appliances such as a microwave and toaster as well as other regular kitchen items. A large cooler, fridge and freezer and coffee and tea making equipment. Please inquire for a full list and for more information.  

Is there parking available? 

There’s great parking for all your guests as we have a large parking lot and are located very close to bike paths and transit stops.  

MCA is centrally located on the corner of 16th ave NW (TransCanada highway) and Home Rd NW. We are easily accessible to all areas of the city and for those travelling from out of town. We also offer a few Handicap parking stalls at the front of the lot.


Do you offer any green spaces?


Yes, we have a lease agreement with The City of Calgary for a large back field and a great kids’ playground which offer lots of space to run and play.


Are pets allowed? 


No, pets are not allowed in the building. However, seeing eye and support dogs are allowed – please contact our office for more information.


Is there a BBQ?


No, we do not have a BBQ on the premises but if you want to host a BBQ, please contact our office to get information on what type you can bring and our requirements to use.


Are Bouncy Castles and balloons allowed?


Please let us know if you plan to use a bouncy castle and this must be from a reputable rental company so there is liability insurance attached. No castles are allowed during wet or windy weather for safety reasons. Please no helium balloons in the main hall. 


Is there WIFI? 

Yes, we have WIFI. The password is provided upon access to the space.


Is there a projector/where do I put a projector? 

We have a projector and screen in the board room as well as a portable projector and screen that can be used in the main hall. Please refer to the “Optional Add-Ons” chart for the fees. 




What benefit to current MCA Members receive for rentals?

MCA yearly memberships expire on January 31 of each year.

Click here to purchase your membership online 

For all other questions and to book please email us by clicking the link below!

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